Analytical, passionate, team-player and eager to learn.


Over 5 years of professional work experience as a 3D artist in a wide variety of positions.


Passionate scripter. Making buttons to do the boring stuff!


Always trying something new. Promotor of Photogrammetry for 3D scanning and Motion Capture.


Maya - Zbrush - Photoscan / Metashape - Reality Capture - Wrap

Marmoset - Substance Painter - Armor Paint

After Effects - Premiere - Photoshop - Final Cut Pro X

Unity - Three.Js

Python - Mel (Maya Embedded Language) - C# - Javascript


Professional Projects

Talos Coaches.

Lead 3D Artist for the Talos project. Talos is the development of interactive digital avatars for healthy lifestyle applications created by the Dephion Group. As lead overseeing a multidisciplinary team of programmers, 3D artists and animators. Developed a maintainable pipeline wherein 3D scanned humans can be accurately retargeted.

Python Rigging Library.

Created a modular rigging library that automates most tasks in the rigging pipeline. All rigged characters can be easily exported to game engines or the web. To give an example of the unique features of these rigs are UV based joint placement for automated facial rigging. Not to mention soft ik, matrix constraints, node based set driven keys and matrix space switching.

Habtic Exercise Player.

Product owner of the exercise player within the mobile application Habtic. Responsible for organizing, recording and retargeting over a hundred of mocapped fitness exercises.

Cartoon Rigging.

Working as a technical animator I created cartoony rigs for animated shorts. These rigs could also be used in combination with motion capture and dynamics to speed up the animation process. Next to character rigs I also created rigs for various props.

Patient Decision Aids.

Working on medical treatment communications for the Maastro Clinic. Turning complex topics in easy to understand animation videos & interactive tools.

Personal Projects

World War 2: Game Asset Pack.

3D scanning World War Two items & uniforms from a private museum and turning them into game ready items. Whole project is initiated by me and the created assets are being sold on multiple online stores like the Sketchfab Asset Store & CG Trader.

Monster Jungle Game.

Graduation project from the SAE Institute Amsterdam in 2015. Developed an entire cartoony jungle with all kinds of characters. Created all the 3D art, all the code and animations for the project. Main character had a complex rig with stretchy limbs that could be used within a game engine.


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